Monday, 19 January 2015

Geometric Glitter Nails

I have been inspired by tumblr this week to create these beautiful geometric glitter nails that look so stunning in an understated way. It doesn't scream 'look at me I'm glitter' and it won't take 10 minutes to remove, unlike a true glitter mani. 

This look took me only a few minutes to create, however I did have to wait for the base colour to dry so the process took an evening. Here's how I did it:

I started by choosing my colours. I went for a beautiful pinky-nude called Fiji by the brand Essie, and the glitter element was provided by Sugar Daddy by Angelina, a gorgeous mid-pink polish with glitter specks.

I painted my nails two coats of Fiji to ensure nice opacity, and then allowed my nails to dry completely. This is very important, if the nails are still wet, they will smudge upon the removal of the tape. 

After the nails have completely dried, place two pieces of tape across the nail in a X shape, leaving a triangle at the base of the nail. You can then fill this in with the glitter polish! It is important to peel the tape off almost immediately after painting the glitter, and then allow it to dry. As always, finish with a shiny top coat to make your nails look stunningly glossy. 

The finished look!

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