Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fifth Blog

This is my fifth blog.

I caught the blogging bug rather unceremoniously back in 2011, aged 13. I had started to watch beauty videos on youtube, and decided that blogs sounded cool and I must make one right away.

Unfortunately not one blog stuck. I couldn't decide on content for my blogs so I eventually stopped posting and created a new one for a different type of content. In my repertoire include a beauty blog, travel blog, and a french language blog.

On Jen's Life I will be posting a range of different content, but for now I thought I would link my previous blogs below for your perusing pleasure.

A Sprinkling of Euphoria
By far my most successful blog with 22,000+ pageviews and over 160 posts. Mainly beauty content.

A Year in my Mind
An attempt to creatively process my thoughts.

Les Recherches pour ma Passion
A little French blog with but a few posts. Maybe I will continue this one day.

Unkeen Adventurer
An essay based, almost too sassy blog.

While I am not actively posting on these blogs anymore, I can honestly attribute them to my dedication to reading and loving the blog world. I am very excited to see where this blog takes me.

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